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Website Performance Analysis Services & Tools

Have you wondered why people leave your website so quickly? Perhaps you haven’t presented it the way your customers expect. What are your competitors doing with their websites? Are they having more success at engaging customers? Or is your website simply too slow?

How does your website look on an iPad, Smartphone or other mobile devices and tablets?

A third-party website analysis is what you need.


We can perform all the technical tests included in usual Website Optimization: page size, graphics size, code composition, download time, third-party “widget” reliability, Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), etc. and deliver our diagnosis. You’d be surprised how, over time, websites can become entangled in third-party code, resulting in your dependency upon other web servers and services beyond your own.


We also perform the human test, as automated tools cannot assess what’s most important about a website: its appeal to the potential customer. You can have the fastest website in your market segment but if it doesn’t look good or deliver information logically then your sales will be down, to be sure. Our Aesthetics Testing is the perfect complement to knowing the technical performance of your website.


Since 1995 we’ve seen them all – from excellent websites to the poorest in terms of speed, design and useability. Our testing, reporting and recommendations have stood the test of time to increase ROI for our clients. If you haven’t had your website tested lately, contact us!